These images are a record of the most intense period of depression I’ve experienced in my life.

When I felt at my worst, photography became my therapy. I forced myself out of the house with a camera, sometimes wandering the streets for hours late at night.

Photographing gave me a way to process my emotions and somehow externalise them. A way to calm my mind when it was at its most chaotic.

I forced myself to make self-portraits in the most challenging moments, and this became a tool to break the worst of the self-destructive thought patterns I was following.

I look back at this period now, and I see a chapter of my life that stripped me down to my core and caused me to question everything I knew about myself. A time of rebirth which, although painful, helped me learn to love myself again, and to experience again the beauty this world has to offer.

Images made between July 2018 and August 2019
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